Certifications - Authorisations

Ambra Service is an ISO certified company, thus guaranteeing the compliance with strict quality standards. Moreover, the procedures implemented for the completion of each project ensure the good carrying out of works in all its phases. In addition, the company has the authorisations for the completion of the works proposed from the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority and from the authority in charge with emergencies, ANRE, respectively the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

ISO Certifications

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for quality management related to all the installation work execution for the constructions proposed, including for the construction installation design services; ISO 14001:2005 Certificate attesting the implementation and the maintenance of an environment management system for all the activities carried out; ISO 18001:2001 Certificate attesting the implementation and the maintenance of OHSAS management system, referring to the labour health and safety management for all the employees involved in the company activities.



  • B-type Authorisation for the design and installation of interior electrical installations for civil and industrial constructions, above- and underground connections to the nominal voltage of 0.4 kV, issued by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority;
C2A-type Authorisation for the execution of above- and underground power lines, with nominal voltages of 0.4 kV÷20 kV, and transformer points with a higher nominal voltage of at the most 20 kV;  Authorisation issued by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations within the Ministry of Administration and Interior for the installation and the maintenance of the fire extinction and limitation installations and systems, except for those containing certain fluorine gases having greenhouse effects.