Ambra Service offers a wide range of professional services related to all types of installations, proposing turnkey electrical, thermal, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitary or renewable energy installations to the service beneficiaries. Considering the completed projects as well as the experience of the Italian Delta group, our company guarantees qualitative services using the latest technologies, adapted to the special requirements imposed by each project. All our services comply with the quality standards imposed by the ISO system, Ambra Service being a certified company. This offers us more credibility in front of customers that would like to collaborate with us.

Industrial installations

Electrical installations

We execute the entire range of low and medium voltage electrical installations, being certified in this matter by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE). Our expertise consists of residential installations, as well as complex industrial installations, executed so that the beneficiary may safely handle them for a long period. Our qualified team of electricians is in charge of all the phases of the electrical installation project, starting with the design, the execution and finalising with the turnkey delivery of the project.

Thermal, ventilation and air conditioning installations

We ensure complete services regarding the thermal and the air conditioning installations both for industrial beneficiaries as well as for residential customers. We execute professional installations for industrial halls and other production facilities using specialised personnel in the field.

Sanitary installations

We ensure the entire range of services for the execution of viable sanitary installations meant for a long-term use. You can rely on our services in all the phases of the sanitary installation execution, starting with the water supply, the sewerage construction, the connections, the montage of the taps, until the montage of sanitary objects. We can ensure the high quality of the work as we complete all the phases of the project.

Fire prevention and extinction installations

We execute fire prevention and extinction installations, being authorised in this matter by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations within the Ministry of Administration and Interior.