About us

Ambra Service is a company with experience in the field of installations. The company has been on the Romanian market since 2002 and operates as a division of the Italian Delta group, which has proven its professionalism through a series of large projects consisting of a wide range of installations. From electrical installations, sanitary installations, fire prevention and extinction systems, to renewable/alternative energy production and distribution installations, the Delta Group has earned its place among the leader companies in this field.

The experience and the professionalism of the Italian group are represented in Romania by Ambra Service, a company proposing viable solutions for electrical, thermal, ventilation, sanitary and air conditioning installations on the Romanian market. The company's expertise consists of solutions for the development of alternative energy production and distribution installations as well.

Ambra Service has all the authorisations and the certificates necessary from the authorities responsible with the regulations in its field of activity, such as the ones issued by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority or by the Ministry of Administration and Interior - the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations - the National Centre for Fire Safety and Civil Protection.

Moreover, Ambra Service is ISO certified, emphasising the fact that it carries out its activity according to a well-defined regulation, complying with a series of procedures for achieving quality and safety during the execution phase as well as during the usage of the completed installation.

The achievements of Ambra Service on the Romanian market have been acknowledged over time, through a series of distinctions, prizes and diplomas awarded to the local companies, thus consolidating its position on the market. Details referring to the distinctions are presented in the section dedicated to this subject - link to the section